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This is Chapter 1

From sunny Southern California, Boston to Phoenix, Arizona. Pop 'N Tea Bar was born...You

know it "Ain't nothin' but a tea thang", jokes aside...This is our story. If you've been following us since the start we thank you for all your support. For all of you that are new, I hope you enjoy what we do here at Pop 'N Tea Bar and I hope you get a chance to stop by our first store in Phoenix, AZ.

You're probably wondering who we are...well, here you go. I (Eric) am on the far left, Matt in the middle and Benson on the right.

Our blog will be a collection of shop news, our culture and what inspires us. If you haven't yet please follow us on Instagram and the whole nine yards, @popntea. Our goal is to share with you our culture. In 2018, we opened our doors and we hit the floor running! With so much happening we never got a chance to really share our background. In 2019 we won Arizona's Asian Chamber of Commerce's "Rising Phoenix Award". This was our chance to share our story, instead of a traditional bio we decided to create a short video about what and who inspires us in the asian community to showcase our roots and where we came from. Check it out in this video!

We hope you enjoyed learning a little about us! Stay tuned, subscribe and follow our story. We have a lot more to come!

- Eric

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