We've created unique treats that you can’t find anywhere else. First, we crafted a menu of drinks made with teas on tap and reimagined a childhood classic, the popsicle. It took over two years to perfect the shape using 3D printing technology. Our diamond bars are created using the best gelato and sorbetto in US which helps the bars retain the perfect texture. 


    We aim to incorporate art with our products and challenge the norm. Quality crafted drinks paired with refreshing Diamond Bars –– a variety of flavors each sculpted by hand into individual works of art. Food is viewed as art in many ways and we strive to push the envelope in creativity and artistic cultivation. The Diamond Bars are a fresh take on a timeless and satisfying treat that can only be enjoyed at Pop 'N Tea Bar!

    Our teas put a spin on anything you've had before. We proudly serve all natural,organic, and responsibly sourced teas from across the world, which we infuse with local fruits and natural flavors. We incorporate flavors and combinations that you won't find anywhere else and look to craft drinks to the highest standards. We are no ordinary boba shop and want to make sure you next visit with us is special. We hope to make a lasting impact all across the valley and in the community we serve.

    We opened in January, 2018 in the historic, My Florist Plaza, in Phoenix. We proudly occupy the unit which used to be the florist the plaza was named after. We wanted to pay homage to this historical significance with our company logo. The logo is consisted of two parts: the rose representing the Diamond Bars and the leaves representing the tea leaves. Stop by and enjoy a drink or dessert with us today!

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Pop 'N Tea Bar was a concept created in 2016.

Back in 2013, I (Matt) was the first to move to Arizona to pursue a career in the finance industry. Initially, I had hoped to work for a year or two and move back to California with work experience. After surviving the summer heat and monsoon season for the first few years, I really loved Arizona and considered staying for a while. I explored the valley from North to South and East to West to find the dishes and drinks that made Arizona food culture what it is today.

When it comes to boba, I am extremely particular and passionate as I had worked in the industry for 5+ years back in high school and college. My best friends and I worked together and I’ll never forget the people and the positive impact it had on my life. During those years, we were going to school and making minimum wage and life was simple. We had great camaraderie, shared a lot of laughs, hung out all the time outside of work, and dreamed of owning our own store one day.

Fast forward to 2015, Benson visited Arizona from Boston and we met up. We had worked together years before, and he told me his family moved their nail salon from California to Arizona. I was surprised to hear the news and revisited a dream we shared years ago of owning our own shop. We spent the next year texting back and forth and decided that this was our time to follow our dreams.

As our business started to come to life on paper, we contacted Eric. I have known Eric since I we were four years old and also spent many years making boba with him. Crazy, right?! We grew up right down the street from each other and went to many of the same schools together growing up. Eric has always had a penchant for design. He had been working on a ton of design projects and we felt he would be the perfect fit for our team. As I spoke to Eric and started to pitch the business, he was all-in right away. It didn’t require much thought and he abruptly moved to Arizona in 2016 from California.

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In 2016, we had countless online meetings in different states. Once we were finally together in Arizona, the work really picked up and we were ready to bring our vision of Pop ‘N Tea Bar to life. We secured our location in 2017 and worked with some of the finest designers and contractors in the valley to create a store that is truly one-of-a-kind. This led us to where we are today and a brand that is more than just a boba shop. We are innovators of delectable desserts and hope to set the standard on premium boba in Arizona. I hope you enjoy the combinations we have available at the Home of the Diamond Bars.